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Rut Bryk

Rut Bryk - The Magic Box - exhibition
  in  EMMA 12.5.-4.9.2016.

Rut Bryk publication was published in conjunction with Rut Bryk`s centenary exhibition produced by EMMA.

Rut Bryk (1916−1999) ranks among the most admired masters of the golden age of  Finnish applied arts. Graduating as a graphic artist, she rapidly gained recognition after joining the artists’ collective at the Arabia porcelain factory in 1942. There the weaver of delicate storybook narratives evolved into an idiosyncratic force within the abstract idiom.

In a career spanning six decades, Bryk created a body of work that reads like the story of modernism, mirroring the optimism of the post-war reconstruction period and Finland’s transformation into a western industrial nation.

Harri Kalha, who befriended the artist as a young art student, tells Bryk’s story, combining art historical narrative with vivid, intimate details. He introduces us to a timid, publicity-shy experimenter who became a cosmopolitan modernist through her unshakeable faith in the power of art.

Harri Kalha, PhD, is an Adjunct Professor of Art History and Gender Studies and the author of award-winning publications on visual culture. 

Hard covers
Pages 335
Available in english and finnish

Edited by:
Inka Laine
EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art publications 48/2016

Author: Harri Kalha
English translation: Silja Kudel

Graphic Design: Anne Kaikkonen/Timangi
Photographs: Harri Kalha and Ari Karttunen/EMMA
Reproduction: Kari Lehtinen/Kustannushuone Oy
Printing House: Bookwell Oy/Porvoo 2016

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