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Publication's text is in English & Danish   


Since starting his studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1992, the Danish artist John Kørner (b.1967) has addressed the world's problems as well as its beauty. With particular focus on the 'problem' this publication focuses on Kørner as an artist who, with immense creativity and pictorial capriciousness has launched into painting, printmaking, and ceramics as well as clothes design, and architecture i. a.

The book includes an interview in which Kørner talks about several of the topics that has engaged him in recent years and about his desire to express himself in spatial installations that go beyond the limits traditionally defined by the canvas. In the article `The Kørner Problem´, curator Max Andrews reflects on Kørner's year-long work with `problems´, starting with Kørner's gradutions show from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1998. Kørner's problems are also the pivotal point of the article `Good and Ill Todether´ by the art critic Oliver Basciano who interprets them as representing a difficult, but not necessarily negative value. For better or for worse, problems are part of life in this world. Problems are essential, for humans as well as for art.

Hard covers

279 pages

Languages: English & Danish

Responsible editor: Marie Nipper

Editors: Marie Nipper, Helene Gamst, Viktoria Marie Christiansen

Text: Marie Nipper, Oliver Basciano, Max Andrews

Graphic design: Spine Studio

Profreading and translation: SprogBiz

Publisher: Roulette Russe

Production: Specialtrykkeriet Arco A/S


ISBN: 978-87-997521-8-8

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